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Real Estate Videos

How It Works

Property sale success in the Riverina has been found to have a strong link to real estate video marketing. Time poor individuals or buyers who are not local to the area that are looking to purchase, rely on real estate videos to take a visual tour of the properties they are interested in purchasing.

Listings with videos retain a greater time spent on the listing by potential home buyers and generate greater interest in the listed house.

“Video is no longer optional, in my opinion, in real estate it is mandatory if you want to get attention” Josh Cobb – Marketing Strategist focused on Real Estate, Founder and CEO of

We will create a sophisticated real estate video for any property type, whether it be a small apartment, house or commercial property throughout the Western Riverina

Prices start from $700 for a 2 minute highlight video with optional audio from agent. Will also include aerial videography if CASA regulations allow it.

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