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How It Works

You've spent years dreaming of your day, planning the details, choosing the right venue, the perfect dress, the most gorgeous ring and every detail you dreamed up. After all that hard work, why would you settle for an ordinary video company to capture your day? Your wedding day will fly by, and while photos leave you with memories to hang on your wall, only a wedding film can help bring back the true emotion you felt on your special day. You can be confident that we will capture your wedding in the most beautiful and authentic fashion possible and leave you with a film you'll watch over and over again. 

We take on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure the highest quality and time is spent on making your wedding film beautiful. We hope you see our hard work in each of our films, and you can be confident that we'll put that same time and effort into yours. 

Our cinema packages start at only $3,500 (Including Travel within 100km), and we offer a variety of packages and add ons.  We can customise any package to make it exactly what you’re looking for and it can be customised further even after your wedding day.

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