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Nate Paul Productions offers the following base package with optional add ons. Please note that only a number of dates are available so please book in early to save disappointment. 


  • 10 Hours of Filming Time - I capture as much video and audio as I possibly can! 

From Bridal prep to the dance floor!!!

Just in case you decide you want something after the day.

  • 6-9 Min Highlight Video

  • One videographer to capture every special moment

  • 1 - 2  minute trailer/sneak peek video

  • Multiple camera angles during ceremony & speeches

  • Filmed in HD 1080

  • Aerial Drone footage if venue location applies

within flight rules and regulations of CASA

  • Coffee date before the wedding to discuss all the juicy details

  • Digital copy of your highlights

  • Online hosting so you can share with all your loved ones

  • Licensed music from Soundstripe/Musicbed

  • Accommodation and Travel Fee

From $4000

Add Ons

 Add ons allow you to customise your package the way you want! They can be organised pre wedding and some can even be added on after the wedding day. 


Your ceremony edited in full from start to finish with multiple angles.


You can have everything that I capture on the day.


You want a complete copy of everyones speeches from the reception?


6 Minutes is great but maybe you want more!




Get a compilation video of messages and well wishes from all of your guests!

Image by Mitchell Orr


You can have every bit of content from the day in RAW video footage and Audio on a custom organised external hard drive. This means that you won't miss a thing and if you decide to do something different later on then you can as you will have all of the content from your big day. You’ll get the full ceremony, dances, full speeches, and we highly suggest this add-on because after the final delivery of your film, we don’t keep majority of your wedding. This insures that you’ll have everything for years to come. 

This can be purchased pre or post wedding (within 6 months of date). 

Includes a 1TB Hard Drive with everything loaded on.

Image by Kendra Allen


Having gone through a wedding day myself I can tell you that it goes extremely fast. Unfortunately this means that it is hard to take everything in including what is said by different people during the ceremony. You can secure those memories by locking in a full ceremony edit. This involves multiple angles and audio synced together to capture the entire ceremony in full from beginning to end.


This can be purchased post wedding (within 6 months of date but will incur extra cost). 

Examples to view are available once you have enquired.


Image by Alasdair Elmes


Just like the Ceremony Edit above the reception can be even harder to remember and take in for a number of reasons. The speeches can be the highlight of the day (for good and bad) and you don't want to miss them. I will set up a camera and audio to capture the speeches in full.


This can be purchased post wedding (within 6 months of date but will incur extra cost). 

Examples to view are available once you have enquired.



Image by Andreas Rønningen


If you want more than a 6 minute highlight video you can upgrade to a feature film that goes 10-12 minutes. This can be a great option for those wanting to show off more of their day. 

The average Wedding day is 8-10 hours long, so with a longer format wedding film, you could have a lot more of your special day into your wedding video!

Examples to view are available on my socials.

Outdoor Wedding


A wedding guestbook is fantastic but it doesn't compete with hearing and seeing those well wishes come straight from your valued and loved ones mouths.

With this add on I will compile all of your guests messages recorded on an industry leading hand held camera for you to watch over and over again.

This add on must be purchased prior to wedding date.

Examples to view are available once you have enquired.

Couple on Wedding


The Full Length Documentary is a chronological edit including footage from the entire day. Generally, this includes footage from every location.

We will “clean up” the raw footage to remove content that is unstable, repeating itself, out of focus, unflattering or otherwise undesirable.


The goal of this film is to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire day, instead of looking through raw footage.

This is usually kept to under 120mins however can run longer depending on the amount of content on the day.

Longer Video
Virtual Guestbook
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